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In order to remain competitive in the challenging industry of asphalt, many agencies are using Recycled Asphalt Pavement, or RAP, as part of their hot mix applications. The use of reclaimed asphalt within the road construction industry has increased dramatically and continues to rise. This increase, however, has made the need for testing agencies with RAP characterization capability even more critical.

Effectively blend RAP and HMA for your project

With decades of experience and competitive pricing, you can trust us to offer the services you need for a successful project.

• Centrifuge

• Rotavapor

• Abson Recovery

• Testing tailored to state

  specifications and your unique  



Put your trust in our testing capabilities

• Recovering oil from RAP

• PG grade determination of RAP binder

• RAP optimization through blending recovered oil and virgin oil to achieve target PG grade and viscosity  



Take advantage of our engineering services

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