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A staff of experienced, certified technicians, inspectors, engineers, and project managers offer a wide range of testing and management services to help you ensure the quality of your projects. Feel confident in the skill and services of our full-time Quality Control Manager to maintain the accreditation of all personnel and Safety Director to provide safety training. Trust that we are fully trained in the proper handling of health issues, safety concerns, and usage of testing equipment.

Trust us to help you maintain quality

Feel confident knowing we are trained in ASTM, AASHTO, FAA, US Army Corp of Engineers, and Department of transportation specifications.

• 1st step – your project's Project Manager will review all project reports to ensure adequacy of materials and practices, and compliance. This step also involves recognizing discrepancies that need prompt response.


• 2nd step – all reports are reviewed by the Quality Control Manager prior to distribution to ensure accuracy and adequacy. With 24 to 48 hours of test results the reports are electronically distributed and made available via our website along with secure client access.


Two-step report review process

Give us a call to find out more about our quality control.


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