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Ensure your construction project is on track to produce safe, reliable results with our materials testing laboratories. Offering in-house and on-site testing and inspection services, we are also capable of providing mobile testing to ensure your specific needs are met with customized attention. Feel confident knowing our equipment certification and calibration is recorded with the National Institute of Standards and Technology through the AASHTO program. It is our goal to offer timely services by our trained and experienced

team of experts.

Exceptional testing for your materials

Trust over 30 years of experience behind our customized services to give you exacting results for your needs.

Our experience in Hot Mix Asphalt deisgn or QA/QC testing is unmatched through Utah:


• Gyratory compactions

• Nuclear density

• Incineration/gradation

• Unit weight bulk and rice

• Marshall one point

• Superpave

• Depth and density

• Mix designs

Testing for your asphalt applications

Testing of Portland Cement products is considered a basic component of all civil laboratories. CMT employs all the necessary means to monitor the quality and confidence of our testing system. This includes expert design and routine statistical analysis of data.


• Field air content and slump

• Flexural strength

• Trial batch

Maturity meters

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Ensure the quality of your concrete

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We specialize in the evaluation of soils and aggregates including pre-qualification and verification testing. Our capabilities include measurement of bearing capacity to electrochemical values. We also perform soil mechanic test methods including:


• Soil and aggregate testing

• Measurement of bearing capacity

• Measurement of electrochemical values

• Atterberg limits

• California bearing ratio

• Consolidation

• Triaxial compression

• Moisture density relationship



Evaluate the quality of your soil

system application image

Crosshole sonic logging is a widespread tool which involves ultrasonic signal transmission through the shaft and creates a mock 3 dimensional graphical display of the concrete soundness.

Ensure the concrete placement in drill shaft bridge foundations

The creep of concrete is the most important time-dependent deformation to be considered in design stage because it is one of the biggest sources of loss of stress in prestressed concrete A creep test involves a compressive specimen under a constant load maintained at a constant temperature.

Ensure the life cycle of your concrete structure

Quality concrete Quality soil Maturity meter lab