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When planning a paving project, the quality and longevity of the surface are critical considerations. Ensuring a road will withstand demand without becoming damaged and unusable too quickly is an important element of planning that helps to create a higher quality surface that SAVES on your maintenance, repair, and replacement costs into the future. Asphalt emulsion extend service life and creates a more dependable road.

Are you planning an asphalt emulsion project?

With decades of experience behind us, we have the skill and expertise to help you achieve your goals for your road project.

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• Anionic emulsion

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Have confidence in our engineering services

Creating the ideal surface for your road requires the evaluation of your road, its intended use, and the demands you will place on it. Trust us to work closely with you to formulate and develop asphalt emulsion products tailored to your surface treatment needs. You can also have us design your specific application, including micro-surfacing, CIR, FDR, and chip seal treatments. Visit our Ship Your Product to Us page to find out about sending samples of your material to us for testing.

Customize your emulsion treatment

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