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State and federal specifications for the asphalt industry have become exceptionally strict, causing many in the asphalt industry to struggle with incorporating the new technology into the various steps of the process, including manufacturing, product development, and quality assurance. Put your trust in our AASHTO with a research grade lab with research grade equipment to handle all of your asphalt binder testing needs.

Feel confident in your asphalt binder

Trust our AASHTO accredited laboratory to give you exceptional results for your asphalt binder testing needs.

Your asphalt needs are unique to your specific application and should be treated as such. Let us work closely with you to provide customized services tailored to your regulations and state guidelines.

Get personalized attention

• Viscosity/Penetration grade testing

• PG grade verification and determination

• Quality control and assurance testing

• Third party independent verification

• Referee testing

• PLUS tests as mandated by different states and agencies

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Services we can provide you

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New product development through research and development

• Master Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR)

• Linear Amplitude Sweep (LAS)